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After Service

In recent years, our company has implemented and continuously improved the quality assurance system, making the products 100% qualified, and has created more and more quality engineering projects.

After-sales service commitment

     1. Under the guidance of this quality policy, all employees of the company follow the ISO9001:2000 quality system and improve and strengthen quality measures in continuous practice. Our company strictly follows the national standards, improves the process, adopts new materials and testing methods, strengthens staff training, takes practical measures, and strictly organizes production and inspection according to the conditions stipulated in national standards, industry standards and contracts.

     2. Our company insists on the product quality requirements and obligations of the producers in accordance with the "Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China".

     3.Provide pre-sale, sale and after-sales services to users.

Pre-sales service: Provide users with detailed information on product performance and usage characteristics and requirements, provide relevant documents and materials, and be a good staff.

In-sale service: Assist users in the layout of equipment, equipment basic materials, pipe fittings for civil facilities, power consumption of system equipment, water, gas and other process configuration requirements.

After-sales service: The product quality guarantee period is free of charge within 1 year, and the warranty within 2 years (from the time when the product is officially put into operation). When a quality failure occurs during the warranty period, when the user requests to solve the problem that occurs during the use of the product, a clear reply will be given within 8 hours. If it is necessary to solve the problem on site, the service personnel will be dispatched to the site within 48 hours.

     4. The company's products will be implemented "three guarantees", and provide a complete set of materials such as the factory certificate, product manual and other specifications of the batch of products. If the product has quality problems during the Three Guarantees period, our company will strictly perform the liability for compensation as stipulated in the contract. To the products that exceed the "three guarantees" period, we will provide repair parts, and according to user requirements, do a good job of repair service, and provide a certain amount of replacement products.

     5. We will train operation and maintenance personnel according to customer requirements and follow up customer quality. Customer return visit is carried out on a regular basis to constantly collect user information on the use of products, so as to continuously improve product performance and improve product quality.

Quality assurance system

Perfect quality assurance system is the guarantee of product quality. Our company has developed a complete set of ISO9001 quality control and guarantee system based on our experience, and implemented it in the whole process of equipment manufacturing.

The enterprise strives for the survival by the quality, strives for the development by the new product. The company's supply, quality inspection, installation and commissioning are carried out in accordance with the quality certification regulations. Our company implements a quality management network with layers of checks and three-dimensional intersections.

Our company has a technical department, which is divided into four majors: equipment, technology, electrical and self-control. They work together to complete the design of the project. Use CAD-aided design system to complete drawings and materials. Make design standards reasonable and provide production preparation basis for product quality.

The procurement of raw materials completed jointly by the purchasing department and quality inspection department. our company has established a set of raw materials inspection requirements and test methods equipped with relevant inspection equipment. Our company strictly abides by the raw material inspection standard of "ZBJ98004-87" water treatment equipment, clarifies the purchase channels, establishes the file system, and prevents the counterfeit, shoddy and defective materials and accessories from entering the production process.

In the manufacturing process of the equipment, the production process shall be formulated according to the division of labor, and the production standards of each process shall be implemented to people, and each process shall be checked and connected with each other. Implement the general inspection process of self-inspection and mutual inspection, establish the card-type quality record system, keep the inspection data on file, and provide after-sales tracking service. The standards implemented by the company are:

     Raw material inspectionZBJ98004-87

     Technical conditions for manufacturing water treatment equipmentJB2932-86

     Technical documentation of water treatment equipmentJB/Z360-89

    Steel structure weld sizeGB10845-89